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    As the saying goes practice makes perfect. With our years of experience you can bet on us to get the job done exactly to your specifications.

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    Education and experience don’t count for much if you don’t present yourself in a professional manner. Carosyl Home Additions Inc. makes sure that every member of our staff always presents the image we want our company to have.

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General Contractor servicing Sarnia ON, specializing in Home Additions, Room Additions, Complete Home Renovations, Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling.

Carosyl Home Additions Inc. has been providing services in the field of construction since 1981. Although we initially focused our efforts on new residential construction, we progressively expanded our services to incorporate commercial, hospitality and residential renovations.

Our Goal is to incorporate our client's style and personality using design best practice and current trends. Our Goal is for you to have a relaxing and inviting home in which to enjoy life in the company of friends and family, and to provide you with professional guidance and creative Ideas while meeting and exceeding the demands and personalized service requirements of our clientele. Our Goal is to be the top contracting choice in the Sarnia region for your home renovations.

Pride, integrity and dedication to professionalism have been the key elements in improving our standards of quality in each and every project, big or small.

TERMS & CONDITIONS (Holiday Special):

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Carosyl Home Additions Inc. reserves the right, at our sole discretion to change, modify, add or delete portions of these Terms & Conditions at any time; by entering The Draw you acknowledge and agree to any changed or modified terms moving forward.

The Draw winner requires a signed contract with Carosyl Home Additions Inc., agreeing to the terms and conditions therein, in the amount of minimum fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) before becoming eligible for the five thousand dollar ($5,000.00) winnings.

The five thousand dollar ($5,000.00) winnings will only be applied at the end of the contract when the work is complete, or such time that the fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) is exceeded in payment.

The Draw winner explicitly agrees the start date for the proposed work is not guaranteed and although reasonable accommodation will be considered, final decisions will be at the sole discretion of Carosyl Home Additions Inc. Notwithstanding, the start date for the proposed work will not exceed June 1st 2021.

The Draw winner agrees Carosyl Home Additions Inc. may refuse to work for any potential client in its sole and absolute discretion.

by entering the draw you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined or amended*