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Three Trends in Sarnia Home Renovation to Avoid in 2018 (and One We Love!)

At Carosyl Home Additions Inc., we’ve overseen a lot of home renovation. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years in the biz, it’s that renovating your home to keep up with the latest trends isn’t actually such a good idea.
We get calls from clients in Sarnia to provide remodeling services all the time. And, while our top priority is always to ensure that the client’s vision becomes a reality, we also want to make sure the project is right for their home and their budget.
If you dream of burnished bath fixtures for your next shower remodel, maybe call experienced home contractors first. You don’t want to spend a fortune on something you’ll rip up or redo five years from now. Here are the trends for renovating your home that we think you’ll end up regretting for this year:
1. Trendy, Impractical Metals
Whether it’s Pinterest or design magazines, it seems there are tons of media outlets interested in selling homeowners on wildly impractical metals for their homes, kitchens, or bathrooms. While they might photograph well for Instagram, metals like rose gold or copper actually aren’t well-suited to a kitchen or bathroom. They’re delicate and can oxidize in the presence of moisture if not cared for properly.
Not to mention that in five years, the look will be as dated as linoleum checkerboard flooring or stucco ceilings. Before you dedicate your kitchen makeover budget to a single material, call us first.
2. Focusing on One Area of the Home
Okay, many of those luxury bathrooms you see on design websites look pretty nice. But does it make sense to place a super-luxe shower remodel in the middle of a midcentury modern bungalow?
Your home design needs to be holistic and consider the entire design of your home. There’s value in being quirky or unique, but if you focus only on one or two rooms in the house, your interior will just look sloppy.
3. Accent Tiling
Every decade, some poor industry magazine writer tries to sell this trend back to consumers. Floor tile manufacturers will always have product to move, after all. But aside from tried-and-tested simple patterns like checkerboard and herringbone, this is a strategy that looks tacky at best and disorienting at worst.
Qualified home contractors know how to bring your vision to life while steering you away from designs that simply don’t work. Carosyl Home Additions Inc. doesn’t need to sell you on a fantasy— our results speak for themselves.
The Trend We Love: Natural Greens
We don’t have a crystal ball. It’s possible that decking your home out in plants and greenery could make your home look very distinctly ‘2018’ ten years from now. But considering that it’s not permanent and embraces the beauty of the outdoors in your living space, we’re willing to bet on this one.
If you’ve watched too many kitchen makeovers on HGTV, don’t be sorry. So have we! But Carosyl Home Additions Inc. has made our name in providing quality remodeling services to Sarnia homes for years. Come in or call us for a consultation today!