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Client Testimonials


Nikki DesLauriers and Philip Gammon

This letter serves to inform its readers that Carosyl Home Additions Inc. is highly recommended to complete general contracting work based on our recent renovation experience.

In mid-May 2012 I contacted Sylvain Dazé in desperation, as the general contractor which we had hired to complete our condo renovation became unavailable – suddenly - leaving us in a huge bind.

Our house had already been sold with an agreed closing date of July 12 2012, and the condo that we were planning to move into had just gone through the demolition stage - meaning that we had eight weeks to complete our renovation and move into our condo! That's where Carosyl Home Additions Inc. entered the scene and saved-the-day.

After foregoing a social event scheduled for a May evening, Sylvain Dazé met us onsite to review our project requirements. Within 48-hours of this meeting, we received a very detailed contract complete with price estimates, delivery milestones, and, payment schedule. Within 96-hours, Sylvain's team started working on the condo project - a statutory holiday at that – as our renovation schedule was very ambitious and he knew we needed a place to live in a short time. We were very grateful that Sylvain acknowledged our needs and responded immediately with his talented team of professionals.

The work was consistent from start to finish – never once did the team abandon our job for another – from beginning to end the work did not cease. All project milestones were met on time, or earlier, with no surprises along the way. The collective experience of Dazé's employees was an integral factor in doing it right, the first time around, and their attention to detail has been simply outstanding.

Sylvain's regular presence onsite was a great reassurance to us; he managed the time of his employees and subcontractors (plumber, electrician) very well and delivered our condo renovation on time, and on budget. Any and all modifications we requested along the way were well-received and completed to our satisfaction, and where appropriate, our opinions were challenged with the overall aim of not only saving us money, but also ensuring that our new living-space would be exactly what we had dreamed of.

Always accessible, friendly and responsive, Sylvain Dazé has built our condo dream space - in eight short-weeks – and for that we will be eternally grateful.

Brent McAllister BID, Life Member ARIDO, IDC

Having worked with Sylvain Daze on both Commercial and Residential projects for several years now, I am pleased without hesitation, to provide Sylvain and his team a very high recommendation. As an Interior Designer, having a great contractor is extremely important. Sylvain has always been able to successfully follow plans and deliver even more then the Client is expecting.