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About Carosyl Home Additions Inc.

As a general contractor in the construction field, our Goal is to bring our talent and knowledge to your remodelling or building project. We enjoy all aspects of home renovation, from the initial planning phase to the construction stage and through to completion.

Home renovations is all we do! Renovations reclaim valuable space, are aesthetically pleasing and increase the value of your home. Our approach to business is based on quality work and client satisfaction, benefitting you with great services and quality products.

When you hire Carosyl Home Additions Inc. you're hiring peace of mind in regards to your construction project. Contracting is not an exact science, regardless of what anyone tells you. It is a fluid process, so you need skilled labourers and craftsmen with the experience to overcome issues that arise on the job and who can adapt to make your project work. We pride ourselves on our ability to do just that.

Why choose Carosyl Home Additions Inc.?

  • We are a small company; we take pride in all of our work and offer personalized service.
  • You deal only with myself, Sylvain Dazé, general contractor of Carosyl Home Additions Inc.
  • There are no salesmen and therefore no extra commissions.
  • Only my employees work in your house, with the exception of licensed electricians and plumbers that we may hire to complete a job.
  • When planning a renovation project, I will meet you regularly and take the time to understand your needs. I will go through all the details for your future kitchen, bathroom, basement (or major renovation), so that in the end, you really have what you wanted and more.
  • We are as good, if not better that any recognized contractor out there, big or small.
  • We don't charge a 30 to 50% overhead.
  • Our high quality of work guarantees return customers.

For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at (519) 384-4587 or by email