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Children’s Hospital Pharmacy Construction in Sarnia

At Carosyl Home Additions Inc., we have become synonymous with providing the best contracting services in the Sarnia Valley. We swear by dedicated, efficient and professional service regardless of what the project is and we are extremely proud to have a staggering number of home renovations in our professional portfolio because our business runs on satisfied customers.

However, Carosyl Home Additions Inc. offers much, much more than just home renovations. Not to detract from all the home renovation projects we have enjoyed completing over the years for home and condo owners in and around the greater Sarnia area, but our crowning achievement as a contracting company was our chance to help bring the new children’s hospital pharmacy to life.

Not that a kitchen or bathroom remodel doesn’t change a life for the better, but the positive impact our craftsmanship has had on the lives of families and their sick children means the world to us. To learn more about our children’s hospital pharmacy construction, please continue reading.

Why the Children’s Hospital Needed a New Pharmacy

Before 2014, Sarnia’s children’s hospital didn’t have a proper pharmacy. Parents who were bringing in their sick children to get better would receive a prescription for antibiotics or some other kind of treatment and then they would have to drive several minutes to a separate location to pick-up their child’s prescription.

This type of inefficiency is unacceptable when it comes to making sure your child gets the medicine they need. This is especially true for families that live in rural areas around Sarnia. The inconvenience of making two stops in the city is a lot of strain on already shot nerves.

Rather than keeping this status quo, the children’s hospital decided to take action and improve their daily operations by building a new, kid-friendly pharmacy conveniently located right at the hospital’s front door. This way, parents and guardians wouldn’t be expending valuable time and energy trying to track down their child’s prescription—they could easily get it filled on their way out.

When Carosyl Home Additions Inc. was contracted to build the children’s hospital pharmacy, we were elated. To be a part of Sarnia’s only kid-friendly pharmacy—one that provides an incredible service at great convenience to the families that need it most—is without a doubt the highlight of our professional career.

And while we will always be available to refurbish a home with courteous service and excellent craftsmanship, Carosyl Home Additions Inc. is always available for projects that help improve the quality of life in our community.

If you have a construction project in mind that could greatly benefit our community, we ask that you keep Carosyl Home Additions Inc. in mind. We have worked hard to earn our reputation as the best contractors in the Sarnia area. And since we have nothing left to prove in terms of our ability, we want to be clear that we are ready to apply our specialized skill sets to make Sarnia a better place.

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